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Uploads - Aiji's Muse
Creative Genius
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aijis_muse From: aijis_muse Date: September 6th, 2006 02:48 am (UTC) (Link)
^_^ XD. I'm not much a fan of rap though I'm in love with Koki Tanaka...i'm not sure if you can call him a REAL rapper though o.o He tries so hard though. XD I do love Crazy Town.

o.o Well if you find it I'd love you forever. x-x I'm in love with his song Inaudiable Melodies or somethingl ike that and I miss having it D: *accidently broke my cd*

Whole tamales are good if you feel like it lol. .-. And I would love the Blaze Away single. It was my favorite. *stabs computer breaking*

You're welcome. I love HP. <3 They are great and so..unique lol. o.o

THank you so much. T_T The FLARE is so hard to find! THey're so great though :D It's worth the shit it takes to find them. I don't hink I have any of Sugi's solo stuff. some accoustic soundtrack by him x-x i didn't like it much though not like his usual music...*will download those sooon* <3 Thank you.

wow .-. you're so generous. Ohh i do love Kiyoharu and all his works. x-x I keep forgetting to request him. lol. Those are all good. x-x I don't really like D. Asagi isn't it...sounds just like Hyde which annoys me x-x i might ahve to give them another tryy.

^_^ MU works fine when i'm not downloading dramas (like now lol).

Thank you so much :DDD
yokozuki From: yokozuki Date: September 6th, 2006 03:45 am (UTC) (Link)
*g* I guess I have good timing, ah...
Yeah, Truth? and Replicant Truth are freakin' awesome; h.art chaos, which I just found last night - much less in my line, though I can see it'd be good for having on while writing or something...

I'll dig up Blaze Away. ^^ And I wish I'd seen this before I posted the other, I wouldn't have bothered putting the link to Rozario, I'll just up you... do you want all of my Kuroyume and SADS and Kiyo solo? It's like a gig I think. *checks* Yeah... XD; If you're cool with all that, it's yours... if you'd rather just have the best-ofs, lemme know.

Ooooh, I feel you on being annoyed by Hyde's voice. Poor guy, I couldn't stand him hardly at all until recently, and even now only on some songs. He sounded so much better live, though, really! I was very pleasantly surprised. And his band is awesome, so the show as a whole rocked. Anyway. I wouldn't have thought of Asagi's voice in relation to Hyde's, but now that you point it out, yeah. o_0 I think that Asagi has much more ring and prettiness to his voice, at least recorded, though... and far better pitch in general. He pushes the edges of my tolerance here and there, and some songs are better than others, but generally I'm alright with him, unlike Hyde. XD; Poor Hyde. Anyway. A song to try would be Day Dream... it's a very well-written song, I think, and the guitar is beautiful. ^_^ It gets stuck in my head all the time.

Ooh, I found the post with Anna~~ Here.

Btw, I make all my links popups, forgot to mention that. Saves time, eh?
51 comments or Leave a comment