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Uploads - Aiji's Muse
Creative Genius
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yokozuki From: yokozuki Date: September 6th, 2006 03:03 am (UTC) (Link)
I did finally find one lonely Jack Johnson song. =3 Flake.

X studio albums - Dahlia - If you love this one and want, I also have a frickin' huge version that I ripped from my copy of the cd. But here's the normal ones.
Art of Life, I guess you could technically call this a single? XD
Blue Blood
Vanishing Vision

All that I have already upped of them live is some random songs:
Scars (Live In Hokkaido cd)
Kurenai (Live Live Live Extra)
Endless Rain (Live Live Live disc 1)
Orgasm (Xclamation Haifu gig)
Unfinished (Live In Hokkaido)

...and the Last Live -
Disc One, Disc Two, Disc Three.

If you'd like more, I have so much live X that it makes me dizzy to open the folder. ._. It would take me a while to up it all, but I probably should anyway, really.

(and last, for the hell of it: Celebration PV. Because it's love, and it can never be pushed on people too many times.)

Random stuff that's already upped and you might like:
hide - POSE (live)
SADS - Rozario to bara
deadman - In Media
Sakurai Atsushi - Sacrifice (single version)
hide (INA, Pata, Heath) - Celebration
Masami Tsuchiya feat. Atsushi Sakurai - Goblin Forest and Közi - Honey Vanity.

I'm trying to find this post that had, like, everything Anna Tsuchiya's done so far... I have a couple songs of hers, but that's it. I do have Spin Aqua's discography, that's Anna and KAZ (aka GOD *g*).

More to come...
51 comments or Leave a comment